J & R Auto Repair  Process

Our  Promise

We promise to provide you with an outstanding repair experience, from our customer service to the quality of the repair.
We back up this promise by providing you with this guarantee:
All our repairs are free of defect in both workmanship and materials.

Repair Process

For most vehicle owners, the vision of collision repair produces an image of guys in coveralls hammering away at dented fenders, and painting over it. That may be a fairly accurate description of what body repair looked like years ago, but modern auto body repair is a bit more complex. Automotive design and government standards on safety and fuel economy have transformed auto body repair into a science compared to those days.

While many customers might be content just to see the end result, an understanding of the typical auto body repair process offers valuable insight. Once you know what goes into restoring a car to its original state after a collision, it helps to not only take some mystery out of the process, but also gives a greater understanding of the costs and time involved in restoring a car that’s been damaged, back to its pre collision condition.

Understanding the 12  Stages of Repair

  • Stage 1:

    Estimate is written, insurance is contacted (if any), and owner signs repair order to begin work.

  • Stage 2

    Tear-down and re-evaluation of damage (approval will be required from owner and insurance to move forward if additional hidden damages are found).

  • Stage 3

    Blueprint vehicle and order parts.

  • Stage 4

    Receive and inspect parts.

  • Stage 5

    Structural damage repair (this is the “skeleton” of the vehicle and it is one of the most crucial parts of any collision repair).

  • Stage 6

    Body repair and panel replacement (prime, seal, corrosion protection).

  • Stage 7

    Body work inspected and prepared for paint (sand, seal, and mask for overspray)

  • Stage 8

    Refinishing / paint

  • Stage 9


  • Stage 10

    Wheel alignment, air conditioning, electrical, glass, and sublet repairs

  • Stage 11

    Safety check and post repair scan

  • Stage 12

    Schedule cusomer pick up and buff wash for delivery



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